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First, about the title.  I am not of the mentality that a person who works two jobs, wherein one is in the church and the other is the “secular world,” is a bi-vocational minister.  I say this, because the Bible knows nothing of such an office.  Rather, all men and women who are in Christ Jesus are, as it were, full time ministers of the Gospel and of the Kingdom of God.

I am calling myself a twenty-first century tentmaker, which is to say that I work for the gospel in both the marketplace and the church.  I derived this moniker from the Apostle Paul.  He always seemed to be working in both arenas, but ultimately considered his aim and vocation to be one whole endeavor.  Thus, he could be found working for the cause of Christ Jesus by ministering the Gospel and advancing the Kingdom of God wherever he was, regardless of whether he was a pastor in the church full time, part time, or a combination of such things as a tentmaker.

Secondly, about myself and my family.  I was born into a rather small family (I am an only child).  I was born and lived in Southern California for the first near twelve years of my life.  I then lived in the woods of North Idaho for the duration of my teen years, moving to the state of Washington at eighteen to attend Bible college.  I graduated from Moody Bible Institute (Spokane, WA), with my Bachelors of Arts in Bible Exposition in the Spring of 2013.

Shortly after graduating from Moody, and upon taking a year off of formal academic work, I relocated to the great state of Texas.  I enrolled in graduate work at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX, where I graduated with my Masters of Arts in Christian Education (with a major in Biblical Counseling) in the Spring of 2017.  About a year after graduating from seminary, I met my wife Kaitlin (in the profile picture with me).  We dated and got married and are now fully engaged in service to the Lord and His Kingdom together.

My life since coming to grips with the call of God upon my life to be about the perpetual proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, has been quite a journey.  There have been highs and lows.  All of these come from the Lord God who saved me, sustains me, and empowers me to do His will and serve His advancing Kingdom.  Presently, the Lord has my wife and I serving wherever He has planted us.  As of now, this looks like preaching and shepherding in the church where I pastor presently.  He is ever growing us closer to one another and to Himself as He transforms us more and more to look like Christ.


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