Every time I turn on the TV or read the news, there seems to be a new spin on what is happening in politics and religion and ethics.  I have read of many shootings and killings.  I have read of many lies and liars.  I have read so many sides to each story running around out there, that it is rather difficult to determine what is really happening.  The only thing I know for sure is happening, is that a sinful world is living and acting sinfully.  Quite honestly, I am growing tired the affairs of the kingdom of the world.  But the Bible tells me not to lose heart, and not to be surprised at the evil of the system of the world at work.  But I must get priorities straight and search the Scripture to determine how to live in this world.

When considering politics, and ethics, I believe that Romans 3:10-18 speaks clearly, and we can learn much.  All men and women inherit Adam’s sinful nature (affecting mind, heart, soul and incapacitating the will), thus they are unable to do anything pleasing to God.  Thus, regardless of party affiliation, all men and women apart from the grace of God in Christ Jesus, will never do anything pleasing to God.

Take the abortion conversation, for example.  Even the defense of the lives of the unborn, if done by an unregenerate man or woman, is like filthy rags to God and has no meritorious value in his sight.  So neither Republican nor Democrat parties are pro-God.  If they are pro-life, they are merely moralistic nice people,but still hell bound sinners.  Thus, sinners will sin and God will never be on the throne in their hearts, unless God has sovereignly chosen to save them and bring them into the kingdom by the means He has chosen — you and I through the proclamation of their fallenness and God’s grace in the Gospel.

Ultimately, our priority ought to be Kingdom work.  What really matters is the conversion of sinners and the expansion of the Kingdom into the hearts and lives of men and women from every walk of life, and not what political party one affiliates with.  And when one is converted, we must remember that we have a new nature, and are considered the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus by Christ alone and imputed to us by grace alone through faith alone.  We are now no longer hell bound sinners, but saints being progressively transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.  But it was not politics or economic growth strategy or theory that saved, it was the sovereign grace of God by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Priorities, my friends. Remember that though politics can be important, and one must be an informed and discerning citizen, it is not through government and power systems that God’s Kingdom expansion takes place.  You cannot legislate morality in a society made up of sinners and ran by children of the devil.  Remember that revival and judgement will always be works of God’s sovereign grace, and begin in the church and family.  In the end, we’re all called to be on mission, advancing a Kingdom whose maker and builder is the God who uses the foolishness and weakness of the world to shame the wise.

There will be more to come.  It seems we’re heading into some turbulent times and tough topics will arise.  Just like the above subject matter.

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