The Gospel and Forgiveness

Till sin is bitter, Christ will not be sweet.

— Thomas Watson

To know the gospel means to know the reality of sin and the understanding that sin is not merely “missing the mark,” but rather offending God’s holiness, and thus reveals a lack of holiness and the separation from God. When the Spirit convicts the true Christian of this, then and only then can they truly understand forgiveness.

If you understand the gospel and forgiveness, then you will see how the two are perfectly aligned with one another and go hand-in-glove.  For example, in Luke 7:36-50, Jesus tells a parable about forgiveness. The moral of the story is “those who are forgiven much, love much.”  What is the point?  The point is that ff you are a Christian, you have been forgiven more than you’ll ever know. You’ve been redeemed and forgiven all your sins, past and present, and you’ve been rescued from the wrath of God and an eternity in hell. How much more could you possibly be forgiven?

Given all this, then my question is this: “How are you doing with the ‘loving much’ part?” We ought love all our brothers and sisters in Christ, and forgive them, unconditionally. Why? Because we’re loved and forgiven unconditionally.

Something to ponder dear friends.

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