Consciences Ablaze

“We are not sent into the pulpit to shew our wit and eloquence but to set the consciences of men on fire.” –Solomon Stoddard

The above quote from Mr. Stoddard is the simplest way to begin and best captures my heart for this blog, and, indeed, the ministry that God has graciously given to me.  I am a minister of the Gospel who works in both the corporate marketplace of the world and as a pastor in a small, rural church.  However, I do not view this to be, as some may call it, “bi-vocational” ministry.

Ministry is to be an all-encompassing reality for the born-again follower of Jesus Christ.  Thus all Christians are, in some fashion or another, “vocational ministers” of the Gospel.  The Apostle Paul viewed his entire life as such, and urged all who claim to be in Christ to present every part of their lives and every fiber of their beings as a “living sacrifice,” to God.  This means that every single area of life for the Christian man or woman is to be viewed as ministry.  We are to do all that we find ourselves doing to the glory of God and for the furthering of His Kingdom.

Dear reader, I pray that you will find this site to be an encouragement to your soul and a challenge to the mind and heart.  It is my desire, by the grace of God, to light your consciences ablaze with a fire for the work and ministry of the Kingdom of God wherever the Lord has planted you.

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